Real Life Story: Sarah Lynn Butler 1997-2009

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Sarah Lynn Butler, a seventh grader from Hardy, Arkansas, committed suicide on September 26, 2009. Sarah, who had just been voted Queen for her upcoming Fall Festival, was teased at school, and later on received bullying messages on her MySpace page.

Sarah’s mother says she often checked her MySpace page to make sure there wasn’t anything inappropriate being sent or received, and she noticed that she was getting some bad messages about rumors at school saying she was a slut, and talked to her about it. But then Sarah removed her from her list of friends and she was no longer able to read her page.

On the morning of her suicide, Sarah stayed home while her family was out, and logged on to her MySpace page. The last message she read said that she was easily forgotten, and that she was just a stupid little naive girl and nobody would miss her.

When her parents returned home they found that Sarah had hanged herself. She left a suicide note that said she couldn’t handle what others were saying about her.

Cyberbullying, suicide
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