The Digital Parenting Toolbox

The internet has created endless opportunities and information available to everybody anywhere. Our kids’ natural curiosity can lead them to search, and be exposed to inappropriate content, unfit for their age. It also can give them bad examples, leading them to believe that certain life experiences – such as sex – works just like it does in the movies. Young children might access pornography; teenagers could be checking about risky challenges like the Momo Challenge, anorexia and bulimia, and otherwise.

Protect your kids with the Surfie app’s innovative digital parenting features:

Advanced Internet Filtering

Monitor and filter your kids’ internet consumption, based on their age. Block access, restrict access and filter out what you think is appropriate – or let Surfie decide for you.

Caught your kid in the act of watching porn? For young children especially, this can be incredibly worrying. You wanted to have a conversation about sex and intimacy at a designated time, providing them with a more open and realistic environment to discuss sexual behavior.

Or maybe your child has heard alarming discussions about the need to look and behave a certain way, and then started researching ways to lose weight quickly.

In both of these cases, you should be alerted and ready to take the course of action necessary to protect your children. PureSight’s Advanced Internet Filtering alerts you to any potentially worrying content competition, alerting you as and when you need to be aware. Surfie will adjust the acceptable content to each child’s age, meaning a 7 year old will be allowed to view different content to a 14 year old.

The content filtering feature covers a range of categories, including drugs, hateful content., violence, gambling, cyberbullying and more.

Social Media Monitoring

Track conversations across popular platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber and Facebook for troubling keywords to do with inappropriate situations, behaviors and conversations.

How can you tell that your child is chatting with appropriate people – and that they’re not being secretly groomed? Can you be certain you know their chat partners are safe, and who they say they are? How about what your children are chatting about?

Surfie monitors your children’s chats, making sure they are safe and talking to people in their contact list, and about safe topics. You’ll receive notifications should any potentially troubling keywords come up, and know at all times who your kids are chatting with. Enjoy a middle-ground for you both – allowing your kids to keep their privacy, while you protect them from any digital harm.

Parental Alert Notifications

Receive notifications once certain flags are raised – if something happens, a keyword is triggered or otherwise.

Has your child received a message that their friend’s parents aren’t at home? Or about something secual, drug-related, violent or otherwise inappropriate?

No matter the inappropriate action or content, Surfie will alert you – according to pre-defined, age-appropriate filters – when something has triggered the inappropriate content filter and let you know all about it. Once you receive a notification, you can then choose which action to take in response – block, restrict or otherwise. It’s your call.

24/7 Cross-Device Monitoring

Do you know how your kids use their devices at night? Now you can, and will! Monitor your kids’ devices 24/7, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Is your child secretly messaging someone late at night, long after you’d thought they;d gone to bed? Are they spending too much time on their apps and social media? Could they be secretly watching porn? Surfie will let you know exactly what they’re doing, when and how – you’ll be notified as and when something isn’t right, across multiple devices – all from one secure dashboard.

Screen Time Limits

Set the limits and Surfie will make sure they’re stuck to, meaning no more arguments! Block, restrict uses of apps, and limit the amount of time for use per app, or for screen time in total.

Are you worried your children are spending too long on their devices, or on certain apps,and you can’t think of a way to track or limit this? Surfie will do it all for you: you’ll receive a detailed report of how long your children have spent on devices and apps, and know exactly how long your kids are spending with their screens, broken down by app and activity, then limit the time being used by certain apps, or restrict them completely.

Manage Apps and Games

Choose which apps your kids can use and block access to the ones you don’t want them to see. You can also balance the time they spend per app, and set a daily time limit for use.

Don’t want your children accessing certain apps or games, or maybe you’re worried about them tringto download inappropriate ones? Surfie allows you to easily block or restrict certain apps, games and other content, meaning no more fights with your children about what they can and can’t download or play!

Find Your Kids’ Geolocation

Hyper-accurate geolocation tracking – know exactly where your kids are, and get reliable, accurate location alerts when they reach certain places.

How can you know that your children are where they say they are, and who they’re with, or if they’re safely on their way home? Surfie’s hyper-accurate geolocation feature allows you to know exactly where your kids are, and even receive notifications when they leave a predefined point!

Eyes Up Internet Disconnect

Disconnect your kids from the internet, all from the click of a button! Choose your moment, and…all eyes will magically lift upwards from their screens!

How many times have you called your family for dinner, only to find your kids sitting there like zombies, refusing to disconnect from their devices? With the Eyes Up internet Disconnect feature, you can disconnect the internet, so they’re forced to be parted from their dearly beloved phones for the duration of your choosing! Choose when and who to reconnect to the internet at your leisure, and enjoy quiet, screen-free family time when you want to.

Browsing Habits

Alongside the top blocked websites, Surfie will give you a list of your kids’ top 10 most-visited websites. You’ll be able to see if your kids’ preferences change, for example, due to something they’ve recently experienced, or should any new behaviors develop. This feature can also be used to understand your kids’ areas of interest.

Kids tent to search their area of interest so as a parent its important to know it. Changes in the area of interest may point on event they have been involvement or new discussion they are part of it. Surfie will provide you the info for better parenting.

Family Safety Dashboard

Our Surfie parent app is your family digital dashboard! The app will give you an overview of all your kid’s potential digital risks – aloof their devices, operating systems, and aloof your children, in one convenient, centralized place. The app will also proactively alert you in case something needs your attention, meaning you get to make the right digital parenting decisions, in real-time.

You can add all your kids and all their devices including you family shared devices. Surfie covers all kids digital threats and challenges such as content filtering, screen time, location, social applications monitoring and much more…

New online trends and risks

The internet removes all of the real life geographical, age and cultural boundaries, meaning there are a wealth of new daily risks and threats that are ever-changing, and potentially dangerous for our kids’ online lives. Challenges such as the Momo Challange and the Blue Whale challenge are online trends erncouraging kids to perform a series of dangerous tasks including violent attacks, self-harm and even suicide.

PureSight has an established Content Lab with international content analysts, researching the emerging trends for children of all ages. Those threats are published to the PureSight site and uploaded to the Surfie service, alerting parents in case their children discuss or look into these new threats. With Surfie from Puresight, you’ll always be up-to-date with ever emerging risk and threats.  

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