Technology & Platforms

"It's not a faith in Technology it's faith in People" - Steve Jobs

Technology serves us all, but in the case of parents, any parental control service must be very accurate, stable and reliable when it comes to digital parenting.

PureSight has over 15 years’ experience, and has protected millions of kids and families via cutting-edge technology. We’ve invested in the R&D to give you the best protection online.

Social Monitoring

Our Active Chat Inspection (ACI) is a machine learning advanced engine,  parses and checks your child’s posts, discussions, comments across apps (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and more). The engine works like a thick net, recognizing teenager and kids chat languages, such as twin-speak (Slang), character substitution (NI99ER), phonetic spelling (H8U), character omission (BIT-H) and more.

Advanced Content Filtering

Our Active Content Recognition (ACR) is an Artificial Intelligence engine which checks every web site your kids’ access, then classifies it to a specific category. It takes mere milliseconds to do: once the page is classified as “forbidden” (for example, across categories like porn, hateful content, violence, drugs, weapons and more), the system will display the message  “Someone who loves you doesn’t want you to see this page”.

Geolocation Algorithm

Providing a service for parents reporting their kids’ whereabouts, our geolocation algorithm requires different levels of reliability and care. Unlike “Find my iPhone” or “Google find my device” (both of which use the existing technology provided by Google\Apple), PureSight’s added verification algorithm aggregates a combination of technologies (WiFiI, GPS and Mobile Cell-ID) which provide a much more accurate location. It also uses the technology currently available in the kids’ device, and only once it’s met the level of accuracy needed, the kid’s location will be reported to their parents – either for a change in location, or when the kid leaves a certain pre-designated location.

Home Shield (Router tech)

As the number of devices and types (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, game consoles) continue to rise, parental safety concerns are only mounting, with a lot of devices to protect on one network.  

A market demand by our customers and potential customers has led Puresight to offer protective services for direct installation on Home Wifi routers. 

The service is installed on the router, and can easily be activated by either the operator or subscriber in mere seconds. The service will provide protection to anyone using the network and provide “Safe home” cover immediately once it’s up and running. You won’t even have to install anything on your children’s devices.  

The service is part of PureSight’s total solutions, and parents can easily manage it from their device, getting real-time feedback on any protections and threats across the network. You can also install the app on your children’s devices, and then have it fully covered across any and all networks the device uses (such as their school, outside, mobile or other networks they may encounter). 

The integration process between PureSight and the operator is easy – for activation, PureSight will provide the activation API, allowing the service to run on the router, activating remotely once the customer is registered to the service.

Streamer, Smart TV (Coming Soon)

As TV is used as yet another screen used by kids, usually as a second or third alternative – we’ve added TV functionality to the PureSight family. Once a TV is  connected to the service, PureSight can report on the screen time, content and enable the parent to have the same level of transparency as they have on linked mobiles, PCs or tablets.

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