About PureSight

Providing a safe online environment for the world’s children

PureSight was born and raised alongside the internet itself! Back in 1998, when corporations granted employees with internet access, concerns began to emerge at how employees would use this new and exciting tool.

PureSight began by providing URL filtering servers to protect employees, later evolving to protect kids using the internet – mirroring the way that the internet began as a tool mostly for adults, before moving to one for children too.

As it did, PureSight saw how kids and their parents were perhaps the most in need of solid protective internet tools. While the internet is primarily a force for good, there’s no denying that it holds a range of risks and threats for children – and this seems to be getting drastically escalated by the day.

PureSight aims to shine a light onto those potential threats, and provide parents with the digital tools to protect their kids online, to allow them to browse the internet openly but safely.

Although our solution is technologically cutting-edge, including elements of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning, it is our fundamental belief that you, as parents, should spend time with your children, socializing them to the world, and educationally inspiring them.

How PureSight Works

Unfortunately, we’re increasingly seeing how (ever-younger) children are using the internet as a tool to humiliate, abuse, and otherwise cheat and scam other people.

PureSight collects every and any internet sensation, current trend or otherwise potentially dangerous activity, providing parents a pool of resources to help them digitally parent their children by adjusting, restricting and blocking the content their kids can access, according to their ages.

That includes giving parents –

  • An overview of their childrens’ screen time
  • An overview of their childrens’ app use and gaming time,
  • An overview or keyword triggers of their childrens’ chat topics and chat partners,
  • Their children’s locations and the history of the places they’ve visited,
  • A way to monitor their childrens’ digital and social activities like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and more

…all across PureSight’s Surfie app.

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers’ deepest concerns and fears for their children’s online consumption.

Our Content Lab is staffed internationally (Israel, Brazil, USA, Greece, Czech, Latin America, Georgia, Germany), working 24/7 to monitor and collate emerging risks, threats and otherwise potentially dangerous internet trends, using this new data to update our services and alert parents what to watch out for.

The PureSight credo


We envision a world where children worldwide will be able to use the internet safely, allowing every parent to be an active, guiding presence in their kids’ digital life.


To create a safer internet everyday, blocking and alerting parents to every threat existing online, across every device, platform, language and culture.

How we’ll achieve this

PureSight proactively keeps on top of all new and emerging platforms (such as TikTok) and communication methods, providing protection as fast as children adopt to them, allowing them (and parents) protection, all from one, centralized app.


The PureSight team is made up of experienced professionals from a range of different regions, cultures, and religions worldwide, with one clear mission: to keep the internet a safe place for our children. 

  • Royi Cohen CEO

    Royi founded PureSight in 1998, and leads the company across all technological and product aspects.

    He initially founded a company specializing in selling content filtering solutions based on ACR tech, the foundations on which PureSight is based.

    Royi has 4 children, which provides him with more than enough experience in understanding the needs of, and providing tools for parenting in an ever-more digitized - and dangerous - world. He says his family gives him a lot of motivation to work towards a better world, and he loves his job!

  • Oz Kornblum VP Sales & Marketing

    Joined PureSight 2021, becoming a force of change in all sales and marketing activities, thanks to a new approach towards digital, social media, graphic design, and the unique ability to cooperate with others.

    Previously, Oz got vast experience in building markets for cutting-edge Tech companies (Smart Glass & AR Tech & Smart homes), Oz led those companies to success and built their market's worldwide network connection in EMEA and the US markets.

    He describes himself as an 'entrepreneur' with an out of the box thinking approach.
    works only with a passion for technologies that will change our future...Oz loves to travel abroad and meet new people and friends, he has a net of friends worldwide wherever he goes.
    Oz friend told us that they called him 'the wizard of Oz' if you want to make the impossible, Oz is your guy.

  • Dana Evashkovski Office Manager

    Dana is the Office Manager at PureSight. She has a decade of experience in startup companies in the High-Tech industry, focusing on office management, HR administration, planning & organizing welfare activities.

    Dana wears another hat as a Shiatsu, Tuina, and Life Alignment therapist, She loves combining the administrative and dynamic work in the office with the personal and one-on-one therapy sessions in the clinic.

  • Moran Naim Barabi Backend Server Manager

    Moran is our backend dev manager extraordinaire, and has been since joining PureSight in 2010.

    Spanning a range of technologies, including data networking, military simulators and machine learning, Moran's passion goes very deep into many areas of development!

    With 5 children and a love of baking cakes, Moran's family is her centering influence.

  • Liron Ben Bassat QA Team Leader

    Liron joined PURESIGHT at the end of 2021,

    He's been QAing for over 10 years, across YIT, HOT, and Infinity.

  • Yaki Zomershtien Support Team Leader

    Yaki joined PureSight in 2013, and became the Support Manager. He had over 20 years experience in international companies including IAI, Teva, Matrix and even at the Ministry of Justice!

    He's a passionate drummer (in his free time), and is passionate about graphic design, gadgets and modern art - and his family too!

  • David Gil Research Team Leader

    David joined PureSight in 2022 and is leading the analysts team with members from different countries. His role involves recruitment and onboarding processes, while also coordinating the team's activities and monitoring performance KPIs.

    He holds a master's degree in social psychology, with a specialization in data science, reflecting his keen interest in understanding human behavior through data analysis.

    During his free time, David enjoys running and skiing or relaxing with a captivating book by the beach. As a new dad to a lovely daughter, David values the precious moments of family life.

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