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PureSight's Unique Value Proposition for Partners

Designed for Families

With social media protection, location tracking and online time management tools, PureSight is designed for families - allowing parents to unobtrusively monitor their children's online activities.

The most urgent concerns of today’s parents are easily solved and supported, thanks to PureSight’s functional perspective products, including:

  • Social Media protection (WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and more), which works to analyze the activities of children and their friends, via a machine learning algorithm capable of identifying suspicious events and providing a notification to the parent when triggered.
  • Location tracking with geofence notification (check in/out notification) – providing parents with the location of their children, as well as their past locations and sending check in/out notification of predefined places. Each geolocation has high reliability, based on GPS.
  • Online time management – parents can easily monitor the app usage of their children’s mobile devices, and allow or block certain apps’ access.
  • Smart, real-time dynamic web filtering of inappropriate content.

PureSight’s product provides a solution both to parents that want to monitor their kid’s activities without interfering, and parents that want also to enforce their own parenting policy on their kid’s activities, providing accessibility to every parent looking to monitor their children’s digital activities.

In addition, PureSight’s service provides a solution for young kids who are absent from social media, protecting them instead from accessing inappropriate content; the solution is also ideal for older children and teenagers that are mostly active on social media. PureSight’s solution therefore addresses a large target audience of families with children of all ages.

An In-Depth Market Leader

PureSight has 20+ years’ experience, working with multinational corporations to serve their customers,partnering to offer internet safety solutions.

PureSight is a highly experienced market leader, having entered the online child safety market back in 2000.

Over the years, PureSight has developed quality tools for marketing to a parenting-focused audience, as evidenced by our business partners: Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile Czech Republic, Telmex, America Movil, Partner, Cosmote and Samsung. Our customers around the world promote our digital media solutions: here’s how T-Mobile Czech Republic did it:

Cosmote in Greece  call it Cosmote Family Safety:

Bezeq International called the service Safey and here how it look like:

A Tailor-Made Local Solution

PureSight is fully localized, and is able to pick up on every local risk and threat - in your local language

PureSight is a fully localized solution, with both the ability to operate in your local language, and pick up on all local threats and risks.

Partnering with PureSight means you’ll have a local content analyst joining PureSight’s pool of international analysts. Your localization analysts will work exclusively on your release  and apps in your local language, across the user interface, content filtering and chat inspection. The localization of the service will be reflected across websites, apps used by the local population, the chat and slang, as well as the local dangerous trends, as well as the international ones.

Your analyst will work constantly to research new trends, teen language, news and events from the child and teen world, and PureSight will update the service accordingly. We will share any new findings and updates with our partners in a bi-monthly report.

Industry-Leading Technologies

PureSight analyzes content in real-time, across new trends, threats and language - to protect children from every new and emerging online threat.

*Our Active Content Recognition (ACR) artificial intelligence to analyze each web pages or apps that your children are watching, has been developed over years of experience; we’ve gained millions of users, becoming an industry-leader in the process, by using the ACR to analyze page by page in real-time, and not based on some database of URLs.

Our Active Chat Inspection (ACI) machine learning’s algorithm was developed to handle new trends, new languages, teen-speak, with a custom-developed filter to locate risks and threats across popular children’s social applications.

Knowledge-Based, Quick Go To Market Deployment

PureSight’s partners can customize their service, from full-white label to ready-made app, according to the needs and wants of their end users.

PureSight partners can choose between different levels of customization between white label and ready-made apps. As a boutique company focused on joint ventures, we actively work alongside with our partners to build our roadmap and next release based on the needs and inputs coming from end users. Our successes are down to the knowledge base we’ve developed across all aspects of the product, tech, integration, marketing and sales, and which we continuously strive to improve and further develop to help our partners get the best out of the service.

PureSight’s target audience synchronizes perfectly with our partners’ target audiences: families.

The PureSight service is an end-to-end digital parenting tool. Whether a parent prefers to be stricter, more liberal or anything in between when it comes to parenting their children, and has specific solutions for all ages of – from 4 years old to 18 years old.

PureSight specializes in developing tools for children’s online protection, allowing them to build proactive communication between themselves and their parents when it comes to their online behavior and content consumption.

Few words from our partners
  • I joined the VAS Team after Kidzguard (PureSight Product) was in Service, I found a cooperative and creative partner with ideas and features out of the box. They share with us the roadmap and features of the product. Working jointly with very fast executions. The ongoing improvement in the new features, the backend option to increase usability and to run better campaigns increase customer satisfaction and revenues from the service. Partner cooperation with Puresight has a long journey of more then 10 years and the long cooperation speaks for itself.
    Igor Lenivtsev | Head of Product Marketing - Partner Israel
FAQ for Partners

*Let's partner and provide safer internet for kids in your country - We collected the most common issues and questions we were asked by potential partners

  • PureSight is looking to expand to new territories, partnering with companies with large subscriber bases or access to families. We work jointly with our partners, to offer parental control apps to local families, protecting their children and creating high RoI. You need to have strong capabilities to distribute the service as a local partner. By getting in touch with us, we’ll come to an agreement regarding the type of cooperation and level of localization you are looking for, and we can discuss the commercial terms to implement this.

  • It depends on the local market the level of responsibility shared between parties, but our service is charged from the end user on monthly recurring payments. Our partners either operate on revenue share or licensing of the service.

  • Yes, PureSight offers a variety of localization options, with very fast tools to re-brand the service with a partner’s name, logo, marketing language etc.

    Helpful resources:
  • Please refer to the Partner Benefits information

  • Our unique architecture enables us to implement any new languages in 6 weeks. Currently, we support: English, Spanish, Spanish (MX), German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Czech, Greek, Georgian.

    Please note that implementing a language has several aspects in this service: ACI- our Machine learning chat engine which inspects the social apps of the kids will be in the local language. Our ACR (Active Content Recognition) Artificial Intelligence  will block websites with inappropriate content in the local language. And the UI of the apps will be in local language\s. PureSight can support several languages and the user can switch between those languages.

  • We need to decide together about the way users will activate the service and how we gain new customers, and the partner’s responsibility in both of these aspects.

  • Sure, we can set a live demo with real users and show you how the service works in real-time on real kids and parents. We also will present success stories of the service in different locations, give you a service overview and show you potential cooperation options.

    To trial a demo, leave your details on the Become a Partner page or send an email to

  • 6-12 weeks. It all depends on the level of customization our partner wants. The easiest way is to connect to our provisional API and start selling our brand “Surfie”. For more complicated scenarios – such as additional integrations required, a new language or a white label, it might take a little longer to be ready for a launch.

  • Puresight complies with the GDPR standard and follows any new requirements released – we must comply with our partner T-Mobile and Cosmote on GDPR and EU requirements for data privacy. We also follow the ACMA Australian standard, and have done for several years. In case we need to comply with any other standards, we can implement this according to the partner’s needs.PureSight adopted the service to comply with regulatory requirements for content filtering for children in Georgia and Israel.

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