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If you are parents to kids who spend some (or most…) of their waking hours online you should be concerned about cyberbullying and online harassment. It is well know that the more time your kids spend online, the more they could be vulnerable to online bullying.

But, isn’t it true that if my kid is home on the computer he is keeping himself busy and I know that he is safe and off the streets?


Cyberbullying can occur anywhere, even in the privacy of your own home where you think your kids are the safest. And studies show a direct correlation between time spent online and the probability your child will be a cyberbullying victim.

  • In a 2005 study of 1,388 adolescents, Hinduja and Patchin (2006) found that time spent online is a positively related predictor of your kid turning into a cyberbullying victim.1
  • A University of Dayton study from 2009 found that “cyberbullying victimization was found to be correlated with the amount of time participants spent online during the week.2
  • And according to, “Adolescents who spent more time online reported that they engaged in cyberbullying or were the victims of cyberbullying more frequently than their peers who spent less time online.”3

So, how many hours should I let my child use the Internet every day?

The following age-appropriate online times are recommended by PureSight’s experts. You may increase the allotted time on the weekend, or allow extra time as a reward.

Toddlers/Pre-school: up to 30 minutes per day with parental supervision.

Elementary School: 30-45 minutes of play time, with parental supervision. Allot extra time for school work, if necessary.

Junior High/Middle School: An hour per day during the week, with additional time allowed for school work.

High School: Two hours per day, on average. Additional time should be allotted for homework and extracurricular activities.

OK… I understand it is important to limit the time my kids spend online, but does it matter what time of day they are online?


More often than not, cyberbullying occurs late at night. So it is probably a good idea to limit your child’s surfing times to daytime or early evening hours.

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