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Childnet International – Cyber Bullying

A very powerful, although somewhat long, video from Childnet International, a non-profit organization that works to “help make the Internet a great and safe place for children”. The video illustrates the dangers of cyberbullying and offers solutions to the problem.

Cyber Bullying – What do you do online? Do you know how to Protect Yourself?

Teens talk about what to do to stay safe online and to avoid being cyberbullied: Take a stand today. Get others involved. Tell friends, tell teachers, tell your parents.
Short and effective.

Megan Meier Story

Megan Meier committed suicide following cyberbullying by a fictional teenage boy created by one of her neighbors. Her parents tell her story.

Teen Bullying Prevention – A Cyber Bullying Suicide Story

Ryan Halligan committed suicide at the age of 13, as a result of cyberbullying. Ryan’s dad talks of “the pain of losing a child”, encourages young people in similar situations to seek help and others to fight cyberbullying. Very moving.

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