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If your kids are like most they kids enjoy playing computer and online games. These can be a great way to help teach your kids about the dangers of online life such as cyberbulllying, sexting, and online predators, and about the ways they can protect themselves.

There are many games and activities available online, and we’ve listed several here for your use. It’s probably a good idea to look at them before you let your children do them, so you know what your kids can learn from each activity. Depending on your kids’ ages, it may also be nice to do them together, as a parent-child activity.

Elementary school aged kids (First through Sixth grade)
Middle school aged kids and up (Seventh grade and up)

Elementary school aged kids (First through Sixth grade)

Organization/Website Activity Comments
ikeepsafe My world and internet safety An introduction to the need for internet safety. PDF to be printed out.
ikeepsafe I know the safety rules Children learn about the safety rules. PDF to be printed out.
Safekids Online safety quiz For kids who can read, kids are asked to answer questions about potential online dangers (is it ok to send a picture of myself to someone I’ve met online?)The Online Safety Quiz is your chance to show that you know how to be a safe Internet surfer.
Power to Learn Get certified internet smart If quiz is completed successfully kid receives certificate with his name on it. Interface not very friendly for younger kids. Parents should work with kids on this one.
Woogiworld WoogiWorld A virtual social network, created to teach children to safely and effectively use the Internet. Requires registration with parent approval.
Internet Safety Colorado NetSmartz Activities 20 page booklet with a variety of activities: crossword puzzle (“test your netsmartz”), find the hidden words, word scramble, find the hidden words, and more. Answers at the end.
Media awareness Are you web aware? A check list for kids ages 9-12. Nice way to initiate a discussion with your kids about web awareness.
Council of Europe Wild Web Woods Online game about internet safety. Internet safety game Complete the sentences about safe and polite online behavior.
PBS Get your web license Kids answer questions about legitimate web behavior and receive a web license for their efforts.
Bizzkid Sid’s online safety guide Sid’s Online Safety Guide includes fun games and activities that provide a sustainable way of reinforcing Internet Safety to primary school children.
WiredKids Have you ever been cyberbullied? Kids answer an online quiz to find out if they’ve been cyberbullied.
NetSmartzKids Games A selection of games, some are pure fun, others teach about online safety. The selected game appears at the top of the screen.
Cyber(smart:) Hector’s World Hector helps his friends use their computers, the internet and mobile phones the cybersmart way. Puzzles, stories, videos and activities.
Pennsylvania Attorney General Just4kids Activities, quiz, matching game, crossword puzzle and more.
BSA Play it cybersafe Cyber safety games for kids.
McGruff Games A variety of online games for kids.

Middle school aged kids and up (Seventh grade and up)

Organization/Website Activity Comments
Cyberbullying Research Center Cyberbullying crossword puzzle Includes word bank and answers. PDF to be printed out.
Cyberbullying Research Center Cyberbullying word find Includes word bank. PDF to be printed out.
Power to Learn Get certified internet smart If quiz is completed successfully kid receives certificate with his name on it.
Safety Clicks Online Safety IQ Challenge Online quiz with feedback on answers and links to detailed explanations. Interactive journey to learn about cyberbullying An interactive journey through a detective’s office to learn about cyberbullying. Users hunt and explore their way through a fun website uncovering clues and information about cyberbullying and how to recognise what to do.
Need to Know Cyberbullying quiz Online quiz about cyberbullying.
Bullying UK The Oracle Hi-tech artificial intelligence bullying advice service. Young people answer questions. If a person is unsure of the answer to give they can use the drop down menu to select the most common answer to the current question. As The Oracle learns more about the problem it will start to deliver advice and continue to ask more questions while delivering more advice. On completing a session with The Oracle the user is presented with a roundup of all the advice given.
Media awareness Are you web aware? A check list for kids ages 13-17. Nice way to initiate a discussion with your teens about web awareness. textED A variety of games and activities to help learn about texting and textual relationships.
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Internet Safety Quiz Online quiz. Kids can check their answers and learn from mistakes.
Pennsylvania Attorney General Operation Safe Surf for Middle Schoolers Tips, games and activities to promote safe surfing.
Pennsylvania Attorney General Operation Safe Surf for Teens Interactive games.
Cyber tip line Id the creep Game to help teen recognize the dangers of email, chat or IM and identify someone with bad intentions.
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