Why parents hate Social Networking sites [Infographic]

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With over one billion Facebook users worldwide (as of October 2012) it looks like social networks are here to stay. And as of September 2012, the majority of American teens (58%), ages 13-17, now own a smartphone, so they are able to access the internet and social networks 24/7, wherever they are.

Although the jury is still “out” on the positive vs. negative influences of social networks on teens, tweens or even younger kids, there are certainly dangers involving their use. Cyberbullying, the posting of private information or images, and other online safety issues should concern you as parents.

The following infographic provides some statistics about how often your kids are on social networking sites, what they do when they are there, and the possible dangers involved.

This Infographic is courtesy of Parenting Tips and Designed by Graphs

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