The dangers of sexting

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Sexting can have serious and in some cases, disastrous consequences. Reputations, social lives, and future academics and careers can be ruined as a result of nude pictures going public. There can also be serious implications for the victim’s mental health. Victims may feel humiliation, low self esteem, and some instances of suicide have even been attributed directly to sexting.

Many teens are embarrassed and feel regret once they realize what they have done during a momentary lapse in judgment. But once the image has been posted and starts circulating there is no telling where it will end up. And there is way to “take it back” or delete it.

The story of Jessica Logan

Jessica Logan was an 18 year old teenager from Ohio. Her only crime was sending nude images of herself to her boyfriend’s mobile phone.

When they broke up, he sent the images to other girls, who started harassing her, calling her a slut and a whore.

Jessica, an only child, became miserable and depressed and stopped going to school.

In May 2008 Jessica appeared on Cincinnati TV to tell her story “to make sure no one else will have to go through this again”.

Two months later, Jessica hanged herself in her bedroom.

Legal implications

Sexting is serious business. In some states in the US child pornography charges (second degree felonies) have been brought against teenagers who have sexted nude images. Senders of sexts may be arrested, face charges and may have to register as sex offenders! Other states have amended their laws to deal specifically with sexting.

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