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Who is a cyberbully?
Anyone can be a cyberbully, hiding behind technology to anonymously hurt someone else!
It could be your classmate, next door neighbor, or even your cousin from across town

Make a family contract!
A family online safety contract is an excellent way to protect your children from the dangers of the internet.

Installation and Management

With PureSight you enjoy worry-free installation, password protected administrative functions, and support for a wide range of configurations so you can concentrate on the most important thing – keeping your kids safe while they are online!

Easy installation
Installing PureSight is as easy as one two three! Once you’ve downloaded PureSight, initial installation on your home computer or mobile device is a simple, easy and speedy process. You will have to answer a few basic questions, select from predefined system preset filter settings (child, young teen, mature teen or adult), and decide on your parent password. That’s all! And Installation on additional computers is even easier – all configurations defined in the original installation will be immediately applied to the additional computers!

Value to YOU
You don’t have to be a computer expert or technical to install PureSight - enjoy worry free, easy installation, and start protecting your children within minutes – because installation should be the last of your worries!

Simple set-up
Once you’ve installed PureSight on one or more of your devices remember that you can adjust and fine tune any configuration, all you need is your parent password. You can also decide whether or not you want the program’s icon to appear on your desk top and in the computer’s sys-tray menu, and easily create Individual user profiles - for each family member, each with its own age bracket preset, name, password protected login and its own filtering profile. You can also very easily turn PureSight on or off (not recommended).

Value to YOU
Your children are protected and you are in control, easily adjusting and fine tuning PureSight to best suit the needs of your family and execute responsible active parenting!

Easy management
With PureSight’s parent portal you can monitor your children’s online activities and act upon imminent dangers in real time – from any location and at any time AND from any device.

Value to YOU
Whether you are at home, in the office or on the road, you remain involved in your children’s online lives; with 24/7 access to PureSight management settings!

For those parents who are not technically savvy, all you need to know is that PureSight supports a wide range of popular configurations. For all others, following is some technical info:

  • Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Browser Independency
  • Supported configurations: XP, 2000, NT, Vista, Win 7
  • Multi-lingual: English, German, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew
  • Ongoing updates to the database
  • Easy automatic upgrade process to new versions
  • Advanced connection: allows for advanced settings and through proxies
  • Proxy settings supported by all upgrades

Value to YOU
You can relax knowing that whatever your setup is at home, your kids will be protected and PureSight will be running with the latest version and website database!


Real Life Story

A nude photo sent to her boyfriend..
ended up being sent to the phones of all of Jessica Logan’s school mates who called her “a whore”. She committed suicide…

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