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Online Child Safety by PureSight

Empowering Parents, Promoting Online Involvement!

As parents, we are naturally concerned with child safety and specifically, with online child safety. The Internet has made information easily available for everyone.

The problem is that our children sometimes lack the maturity to discern appropriate material from harmful content. Moreover, many times, an innocent search can yield explicit adult material; chatting with a stranger online might expose our child to potential predators; sharing information online may inadvertently leak personal information such as pictures or passwords. With these mounting Internet risks, it becomes crucial to have a secured and supervised Internet with an emphasis on child Internet safety.

PureSight offers a comprehensive and reliable solution that can help you to ensure your child’s online safety. PureSight is a smart filtering and monitoring tool that actually reads the content, before your child does and decides, according to your preferred guidelines, if to block, filter or report it. PureSight is unique because it sets a new standard in comprehensive child online safety, covering: web pages in any language, chats and forums, social networks such as Facebook, and MySpace, Instant Messaging applications such as MSN messenger, ICQ and AIM, file sharing software, and more. Easy to set up and use, robust and fast, PureSight is the best solution for effective online child safety. PureSight is your opportunity to get involved in your child's online life and provide a supervised and safe internet environment. For the first time you will have the peace of mind, while your child uses the internet to learn, play and socialize in. Download PureSight free trial today!

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