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Please complete those steps:

1. Check your internet connection, make sure you are online and connected to the Internet.

2. Check your Personal Firewall properties: you need to allow PureSight PC to run on your computer.

3. Check your Proxy settings, in case you are connecting to the internet through a proxy server instead of
    direct connection, you need to setup your proxy settings on Puresight-PC.
    To do this, follow these steps:
    •  Right Click on PureSight-PC  icon     on the system tray (located on the lower right corner of your screen) 
        select the "Preferences" option
    •  Enter your PureSight-PC Administrator password
    •  Click on "Advanced Settings"

    •  Click on "Proxy Settings"

    •  Configure your Proxy server settings

    •  Save changes.

4. Right Click again on PureSight-PC  icon     on the system tray (located on the lower right corner of your screen)
    select the Preferences option

5. Choose "Activate PureSight PC"

6. Fill your activation password according to the activation mail that you received and press “Activate” to continue:

7. After Activation you will get a message that your PureSight-PC activated successfully.

Note: We extremely recommend you to save your activation key and password away from your children.
This information is used to install or uninstall PureSight-PC and to change safety policies.

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